Reporting in Advantage

Report on virtually anything in the Advantage system to develop powerful insights like you’ve never had and make the best business decisions possible.

Easily Build & Share

Use one of our standard reports or build powerful dashboards and reports with the built-in self-service report writer and dashboard editor.

Create compelling visuals that can be exported to add quick and easy visual references to any of your materials.

You can even create your own statements or custom invoices with hundreds of different options.

Management Reporting

As a leader, you need to be able to drill down and understand the key aspects of what’s happening across your business. You must be able to answer critical questions like:

  • Which clients are most profitable?
  • Are we devoting too little or too much time to a particular client?
  • Are we pricing, estimating and budgeting properly?
  • Will we have enough people or cash to run the business and achieve our goals?

General Ledger & Financial Reports

Advantage has robust GL and Financial Reporting capabilities built into the Agency Accounting system. Easily run one of the many standard GAAP compliant reports or build your own with the report and dashboard editor.

Manage and report on multiple offices, departments and other profit or cost centers. Drill down to inspect to the source and view the actual details that created the entry. For client billing, you can even drill all the way down to the actual invoice generated.

With Advantage financial reporting, all your stakeholders can rest assured that they are seeing accurate and auditable data, with all the backing details to prove it only a click away.

Maximize Efficiencies, Decrease Risks & Increase Profits

Discover how today!