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Save Time. Reduce Risk. Gain Control.

Advantage Software was purpose-built specifically and exclusively for the needs of the advertising, media buying and marketing industry over 40 years ago and has been continuously improved and enhanced since then.

The Advantage agency accounting system is seamlessly connected to your project management, as well as your media planning and buying workflow, giving you powerful automation capabilities and unprecedented visibility across all of your operations.

If you’re in the agency business and you want to save time, reduce risk and gain control and visibility into every aspect of your business, Advantage is your only choice.

Automated & Integrated for Agencies

Streamline and automate your operations with Advantage agency accounting.

Because Advantage accounting is built into one seamless platform covering project management and media planning and buying, you can easily automate, expedite and accomplish tasks in less time with more reliable results.

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Budgets & Forecasts

Being able to effectively forecast future business and build accurate client budgets is a key practice in running a profitable agency.

The client budget application is fully integrated with job forecasts and project plans allowing you and your management team to create unlimited budget variations that can be used to help predict revenue and the resources you need to generate it.


Don’t waste money on forgotten expenses and human error.

The Advantage Billing Command Center displays all production and media billables in one powerful and easy-to-use interface built specifically for the unique needs of agencies and media buying practices.


Daily Accounting Payables & Receivables

Advantage ad agency accounting software includes robust yet easy-to-use applications and a wide variety of reports that allow you to process payables and receivables in record time with great results.

Media Accounting

With Advantage Media, you will have access to the most powerful agency accounting system in the industry built right into the system.

Everything is seamlessly connected on one platform. This ensures that you’ll have a highly automated workflow and a full audit trail from the moment you plan all the way through billing and reconciliation. Plus, we have an integration with Quickbooks online. 

You’ll never miss another important detail.

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Good data is the lifeblood of every successful business.

You can report on virtually anything in the Advantage system to develop powerful insights and make the best business decisions possible.

Maximize Efficiencies, Decrease Risks & Increase Profits

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