General Ledger & Financial Reporting

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Powerful, Flexible & Customizable

Advantage offers robust and proven tools that will meet any of your agency’s needs. You can save time by building off of our agency-specific quick-start chart of accounts or create your own specific to your unique needs. We give you all the flexibility to organize your financials for easy compliance and powerful reporting. Highlights include the ability to:

  • Manage and report on multiple offices, departments and profit or cost centers
  • Create unlimited budgets and compare to actual balances on reports and queries
  • Import budgets from Excel and create and maintain budgets using client forecasted information and actual posted
  • Manage accounting periods by area and keep unlimited periods open while controlling current postings
  • Set up custom notifications for standard, reversing or recurring journal entries
  • Inspect every level of detail on automatic system generated journal entries

Comprehensive Reporting

Good data is at the heart of all good decisions. Advantage provides a set of standard reports and has a powerful built-in report writer to customize and create the best reports and dashboards possible to quickly make the best decisions. With the power of Advantage Software, you can:

  • Create your own statements with hundreds of different options, and export results to Excel for further customization
  • Drill down to source entries directly from the online preview
  • Run detailed reports and queries to provide an abundance of information with details at your fingertips
  • Run trial balance reports and queries to get the information you need from the jump
  • Import standard journal entries, export general ledger balances and integrate with parent company financials as needed
Drill Down

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