Broadcast Buying & Management

Broadcast Research

With the Advantage Broadcast Research tool, you can bring all your subscribed data from Nielsen or Comscore right into the system.

Every Advantage customer also has free access to Eastlan radio ratings.

Run ranker, trend or audience composition reports.

Having access to that data in the same window while you’re building your buys will make creating your schedules faster and easier than ever.

Spot TV

Ranker and trend reports

Single book or multi-book reporting including projected books

Single-day/time or multiple-day/time reporting

Single- or multi-demographic reporting

Numerous metric options for data reporting

Spill station identification

Filtering of data available to narrow down delivered details

Export to Excel

Spot Radio

Ranker, trend and audience composition reports

Single- and multi-book averaging

Qualitative data options included

Listening location options included

Standard dayparts and hourly daypart options

Single-station or multi-station reporting

Spill station identification

Reporting including single dayparts or multiple dayparts

Numerous metric options for data reporting

Filtering of data available to narrow down delivered details

Export to Excel

Broadcast Buying & Management

All of us in the industry know what a complex and difficult job it is to run a profitable media practice.

You can rely on Advantage Media for unprecedented visibility and control over all your media buying and order operations from one system.

Easily Build Your Buys

The Advantage broadcast worksheet is fully integrated with the media plan so you can instantly load both markets and goals into the worksheet.

Even if you’re not using our planning module, you can enter your goals quickly and easily in a simple grid. The worksheet is integrated with Nielsen, Comscore and Eastlan ratings, but you can use the power of this module even if you don’t subscribe; simply enter ratings and get the same benefits.

Automated RFP & Avails Import

Utilize the electronic RFP to instantly send requests to stations and track all back and forth communication between the station and agency.

Automatically bring electronic avails into a staging table to weed out what you need/want for the campaign and keep your schedules clean.

Track all of your vendor communications in one place – no need to waste time switching between systems and searching through emails.

Modern & Efficient Buying Tool

Modern and Efficient Buying Tool

Easily build schedules for US or Canadian markets

See goals vs. purchased while you’re assembling your buy

Create different rates on the same buy line with a flexible worksheet grid

Manage TV rating projections using our special measurement trend tool

Include reach and frequency calculations

View where things have changed in the project with revision tracking

Seamless Ordering

With the Advantage Broadcast tools, you can create Orders for billing and send them electronically to vendors.

Vendors simply click on a link to review and accept the order with no cumbersome software to install and no login required.

Advantage provides a clean and simple order dashboard where each rep only sees the orders they manage for you.

Easily track and update all communications and order status by vendor right from the system – no need to waste time switching between systems and searching through emails.

Built-In Traffic Management

With the powerful built-in automation capabilities of Advantage Media, managing your broadcast traffic will be more streamlined than ever.

The system can automatically scan your worksheets for missing instructions, so you never miss a thing.

Manage traffic instructions and vendor communications from inside the system so you always have a full view of what’s happening on your campaigns.

Vendors simply click an email link and their traffic instructions open in a web browser giving them everything they need.  No cumbersome software to install, no logins required.

Easy Makegood Management

Manage makegoods without leaving the system.

Vendors can submit makegood proposals from their order dashboard with a simple click of the mouse.

Easily track and update all communications and makegood status by vendor right from the system. There’s no need to waste time switching between systems and searching through emails.

Submit multiple makegoods simultaneously and keep track of the entire process with a bird’s eye view with our “View Details” option.

Click to approve or reject. If approved, the system automatically updates your schedules and order status and pushes a revised order to the vendor through their order dashboard.

Simple Spot Reconciliation

Use Advantage spot-matching technology to easily identify variances based on whatever criteria you set.

Set criteria by specific clients, even down to the flight or campaign level.

Streamlined Vendor Management

Manage vendor and vendor representative details right from their related orders without having to change screens or systems.

Save some trees! Track order status and related events electronically from beginning-to-end and eliminate the paper trail.

Orders are automatically updated, copies are kept in the Advantage Document Manager, and pushed to vendors ensuring a full and easy-to-follow audit trail is always available for all parties involved.

Powerful Dashboards & Reports

Build powerful dashboards and reports with the built-in self-service report writer and dashboard editor.

Pre- and Post-buy analysis reports ensure ratings are going to deliver or have already done so.

Report on virtually anything in the system.

Create beautiful visuals that can be easily exported to add quick and easy visual references to any of your materials.

Fresh, Flexible and Connected

This system was built fresh by media professionals, in collaboration with media professionals and for media professionals.

The Advantage Software Company, LLC is constantly updating and enhancing the system based on the feedback we receive through our daily communications with hundreds of media agency clients across North America.

Work the Way You Want

Dozens of user-definable options allow each user to configure their environment to work in the way that makes the most sense for them.

No matter what your role, see only the data you need to see to get your job done in the way that makes the most sense to you.

Always Know Where You Stand

Scores of quick visual reference tools and indicators are embedded throughout the system.

Order status, totals, trends and analytics: it’s all there! With a quick glance, you’ll always know where you stand and where you’re going.

Maximize Efficiencies, Decrease Risks & Increase Profits

Discover how today!