Digital Buying
& Management


One Place to Manage Your Digital Buys

The Digital and Media Campaign Manager completely automates the process of monitoring, adjusting and actualizing your digital and non-broadcast campaigns. We include visual charts and graphs along with the plan and actual details you need to make decisions and execute change. A single click actualizes the plan and rolls forward the balances based on the option you choose.


Seamless Ordering

Create Orders for billing and send them electronically to vendors right from the media plan. Vendors simply click on a link to review and accept the order; there is no cumbersome software to install and no login required.

Advantage provides a clean and simple order dashboard where each rep only sees the orders they manage for you.

Easily track and update all communications and order statuses by vendor right from the system – no need to waste time switching between systems and searching through emails.

Pre-Loaded Templates

Our media planning module comes preloaded with templates that automatically break up your budget across digital tactics to maximize for your goal.

Want to run a video-focused campaign? There’s a template for that. Need a campaign focused on branding or social media presence? There are templates for that.

Standard with the Advantage media planning, you can use the templates as they are or you can edit them to reflect the specifics of your goal. You can also use the templates as a jumping-off point to build and save custom media planning templates that you and your team can keep coming back to.

Built-In Ad Serving

Save time and streamline your digital workflow with the Advantage DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration.

Create and maintain campaigns or placements and even bring in reported data all without having to leave Advantage and login to another system.

Media Results

Get a 360-degree view of all your digital campaigns.

No matter where you place your digital buys, you can easily import reported results into Advantage and leverage the powerful report and dashboard writer to gain critical insights and make the best decisions possible.

Local Programmatic

Maximize your local campaigns with our integration covering programmatic (Connected TV, video/OTT, mobile, desktop and display).

Streamlined Vendor Management

Manage vendor and vendor representative details right from their related orders without having to change screens or systems.

Save some trees! Track order status and related events electronically from beginning to end and eliminate the paper trail.

Orders are automatically updated, copies are kept in the Advantage Document Manager and pushed to vendors ensuring a full and easy-to-follow audit trail is always available for all parties involved.


Powerful Dashboards and Reports

Build powerful dashboards and reports with the built-in self-service report writer and dashboard editor.

Pre and Post buy analysis reports ensure ratings are going to deliver, or have already done so.

Report on virtually anything in the system.

Create beautiful visuals that can be easily exported to add quick and easy visual references to any of your materials.

Fresh, Flexible, and Connected

This system was built fresh BY media professionals, in collaboration WITH media professionals, and FOR media professionals.

We’re constantly updating and enhancing the system based on the feedback we receive through our daily communications with hundreds of media agency clients across North America.

Work the Way You Want

Dozens of user-definable options allow each user to configure their environment to work in the way that makes most sense for them.

No matter what your role, see only the data you need to see to get your job done in the way that makes most sense to you.

Always Know Where You Stand

Scores of quick visual reference tools and indicators are embedded throughout the system.

Order status, totals, trends, and analytics – it’s all there so with a quick glance you’ll always now where you stand and where you’re going

Maximize Efficiencies, Decrease Risks & Increase Profits

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