Managing Tasks & Assignments


Dynamic Project Management Tools

To stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing creative space, you need to easily take on any kind of work for your clients. All projects are not created equal, and you shouldn’t be forced to manage everything the same way. With Advantage Software, you don’t have to. We give you a powerful suite of tools to quickly and easily manage any kind of client work.

Assigning Tasks

There are three ways to assign work to people in the Advantage agency management system, giving you maximum speed and flexibility to manage your projects:

Stand-Alone Assignments

If you have quick work that needs to be turned fast, Advantage won’t force you to build a schedule.

You can still leverage the power of our integrated project management system, reaping all its benefits but only tap into what you need for this type of work.  Assignments can be simple one-offs, or you can build custom multi-step routed workflows to automate the entire process for that assignment across your agency.

Routed Assignments

If you have work that is more complex than a stand-alone assignment, you can build custom multistep routed workflows to automate the entire process for that task across your agency.

Common examples of this could be copywriting, social media updates or creative concepts.

Scheduled Assignments

If your work will be part of a timeline or schedule, you can easily create assignments from a template or even by copying schedules and tasks from previous jobs. 

Effortlessly automate your schedules and tasks so that your people only see tasks on their desktop when it’s their turn to work on the project.

Managing Tasks

We recognize that different people and different teams may need to work in different ways. Advantage empowers you to work the way you want.

Our Project Management software offers three different ways to manage your workload. All lead back to the same unified collaboration window that has everything you need to communicate, collaborate and get all of your work done with ease and speed.


The desktop is the first thing you’ll see when you log into your system. You can access everything you need to manage your day here.  

All of your tasks will be laid out in easy-to-read color-coded cards that can be searched, sorted and managed in a way that makes sense to each user.

You’ll be the master of your universe with the Advantage desktop.

Assignments & Alerts Manager

The Assignments and Alerts Manager is a powerhouse tool for managing your assignments and the assignments of others. This enhanced all-in-one portal allows you to stay on top of all work-in-progress, collaborate with others, add or update details, re-assign staff and manage everything that needs to be done throughout the day.

Streamlined searching, filtering, sorting and custom user views make it fast and easy to get to any info you need as soon as you need it.


Always popular with digital teams, you can create your own custom Agile Kanban or Scrum boards in Advantage, and they’re still fully connected to the rest of the system. Assignments can be managed from anywhere in the Advantage system no matter where you create them.

Project Schedules & Timelines

You need a dynamic project scheduling tool that gives you the power and sophistication to streamline and automate your operations but the flexibility to make it work for your unique business needs.

The Advantage Project Schedule module can be configured to your specific workflow so it’s easy to manage schedules and timelines, no matter how simple or complex the project. 

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Work the Way You Want

Waterfall or Predecessor mode, choose whichever makes sense for each project.

Advantage gives you the tools you need to work the way you want. No matter where you make a change to your project, that change will be updated and communicated across the system.

Customizable & User Friendly

Point, click, drag and drop to set your schedules up just the way you want them.  Easily rearrange columns or rows, sort and filter data to see only what you need and recalculate all the dates in your schedule at the click of a mouse.

Want to see things in Gantt view? No problem! Seamlessly toggle back and forth between views and make changes in either one.

Manage Multiple Projects at Once

Edit schedules and task details for multiple projects simultaneously from one screen.

Powerful Automation

Automate your schedules and tasks so that your people only need to see tasks on their desktop when it’s their turn to work on the project

Build from templates or copy from previous jobs or estimates so you don’t waste any time creating the same data twice

Connect related schedules together for seamless automation of multiple projects

Automatically calculate dates based on due dates, task timelines or dependencies

Easily Manage Resources & Availability

Selecting the right employees for the job is easier than ever. With Advantage, you’ll see not only allowed hours but real-time actual workload data from the timeline itself. Hours can even be allocated by week within the assignment range, allowing for more granular tracking of availability. 

With our project management software, you can assign or reassign without leaving the schedule and see real-time Resource Availability from inside the timeline. Visual indicators will instantly warn you of over or underutilized people so you can always assign the best person for the job. 

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