Media Planning


Media Plans from Start to Finish

The media plan is where it all begins. Get your plans out of Excel and fully integrated with the rest of your business with Advantage Media. The Media Planning module handles all media types and is seamlessly connected to the Advantage broadcast and digital buying system, agency accounting, and production management system.

All Media Types

Digital, Print, Broadcast TV and Radio, Out of Home – it’s all there.

We live in an omnichannel world, and you need a system that can make it easy to manage all that complexity.

Advantage Media lets you execute Digital, Print and Out-of-Home buys right from one system.

No matter what media your clients need, you can plan, buy and track all of your orders and accounting through Advantage and run powerful reports to garner the critical business insights necessary to run your business.

Plans & Broadcast Buys Connected

Your plans are connected to your broadcast buys.

No need to manually reenter data you already spent time creating.

With a few simple clicks of the mouse, you can easily bring markets and goals into your broadcast worksheet, saving you tons of time and reducing costly errors.

Create & Send Orders from the System

Because Advantage Media is a fully connected system, you can create and send Digital, Print, or Out-of-Home orders right from the Planning app with no manual reentry needed.

Save time and track what’s happening with these orders from the moment you create them.

Create Beautiful Client-Facing Flowcharts

Advantage Media is built with your clients in mind.

No manual reentry needed –push out client-ready materials with real data right from the plan.

Powerful Dashboards & Reports

The built-in, self-service report writer and dashboard editor allows you to build powerful dashboards and reports.

Report on virtually anything in the system to develop powerful insights like you’ve never had, and make the best business decisions possible.

Create compelling visuals that can be easily exported to add quick and easy visual references to any of your materials.

Learn more about Media Reporting and Dashboards.

Media Planning Dashboard

Work the Way You Want

Dozens of user-definable options allow you to recreate the plans you’ve created in Excel or any other system.

Each user configures their environment to work in the way that makes the most sense for them.

No matter what your role, you will see only the data you need to see to get your job done in the way that makes the most sense to you.

Always Know Where You Stand

There are scores of quick visual reference tools and indicators are embedded throughout the system.

Order statuses, totals, trends and analytics – it’s all there so you’ll always know where you stand and where you’re headed.

Streamlined Communications

Advantage Software allows you to easily stay in sync with your production colleagues through assignments and alerts.

Create and send electronic orders for digital, print and out-of-home and send them right from the plan.

Once orders are created, they can be used to schedule materials delivery, process billing and reconcile to vendor invoices.

Maximize Efficiencies, Decrease Risks & Increase Profits

Discover how today!