Project Management Dashboards & Reports


Dashboard & Reports in Project Management

Advantage is loaded with powerful built-in dashboards and reports, and you can create your own with our self-service dashboard and report writer. Here are just a few examples of popular project management tools built into the system.

Project Stats

Project Statistics Dashboard

Advantage Software offers this powerful visual tool to slice and dice your project data any way you want. How many projects are active by client or by type of work? How many are due and how many have been completed? Which clients are giving us the most projects? Easily answer these questions and more.

Risk Analysis Dashboard

Analyze risks and find out where projects are ‘before’ they go over budget using the risk analysis dashboard. Drill down and see burn rate charts and graphs. This comprehensive risk analysis dashboard does all the work for you.

Risk Analysis
Financial Status

Financial Status Dashboard

Easily scan the financial status of all active projects. Projects that are close to the client budget are flagged in yellow, and those that have gone over are red. Easily drill into project details from here so you can quickly make the right adjustments to bring things back on track.

Calendar – Timeline View

With the timeline view of the Calendar tool, you can see and adjust work across your entire agency with this easy visual interface.

Calendar Timeline
Resource Availability

Resource Availability Dashboard

Who is available now, and what are our staffing needs going forward? The availability chart displays department/team or individual availability for up to a year. Determine who is over-booked, under-booked or just right. Drill down to view details by employee and make adjustments on the fly.

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