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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Details

Advantage includes robust yet easy-to-use applications and a wide variety of reports that allow you to process payables and receivables in record time. With Advantage, your team has access to:

  • Real-time processing of all records including a full audit trail of all transactions
  • Importing of accounts payable and income-only records
  • Easy approval of expense reports with direct access to receipts and notes
  • An Expense Reports module that lets you import transactions from a file, manage receipts and approve expenses through email, our mobile app or Webvantage
  • Purchase order and insertion order matching
  • Alerts and controls that help you manage costs that exceed purchase orders and approved estimates
  • All related information directly from the payable record including payments, disbursements and related GL entries
  • Automated invoice approvals with the ability to store an electronic copy of the paper invoice with every record
  • Check writing with unique features that help you select exactly what to pay based on sequential liability and other criteria you determine
  • The option to automatically alert vendors via email with payment information when checks are processed
  • The ability to protect yourself by sending positive pay information to your bank electronically
  • An Electronic Payments feature using the Payment Manager and even earn cash back when using one of our integrated payment partners

Client Invoice Queries

  • Everything you need in one window.
  • Payment history and open can be found in a single view.
  • All data from a project is stored and easily accessible, letting you drill down into all related project details.
  • Related G/L entries are displayed and easy to find.
  • Cash receipts are posted instantly against client invoices or on-account as needed. Modifications are made without removing or reversing the original check. Track both client and other cash receipts in a single application.
Client Invoices

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