Dashboards & Reports

Advantage Reports

Dashboards & Reports

  • If it’s in the system, you can report on it!
  • With a focus on agencies, media buyers and creative teams, we’ve developed hundreds of standard reports and visual dashboards that are included for a quick and convenient start. 
  • We also include a customizable, powerful and easy-to-use report writer, so if a report doesn’t already exist, you can simply create a new one with a few simple clicks.
  • Plus, if you ever get stuck, you have unlimited access to our live support line staffed by industry veterans to walk you through whatever you need.

We Work with the Best Clients in the World!

We work with the best clients in the world!

“Advantage has the reporting capabilities to get information out of the system to share with senior management and account service leaders – giving them the information they need to make better decisions.” 

-Louis Bergman, Moroch Partners

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