Billing Features

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Centralized, Flexible & Customizable

  • Everything you need is on one convenient screen. The Billing Command Center provides any tool or feature you’d want right at your fingertips.
  • Billing rates and rules are flexible and user-definable using the billing rate hierarchy. Set up rates by client, product, sales class, employee, title, function and other levels. Include rate ‘as of’ dates to control when rates take effect.
  • Media billing rules are controlled by client and product using a single, easy-to-use portal where you can view and adjust settings without opening multiple screens.
  • Online billing approval allows you to review projects as an alternative to the traditional paper trail created with traditional billing. Account and project managers can play a larger role in the billing process by communicating with billers online as the first step in the billing process.
  • Adjustments and transfers are used to view online billing approval details and make appropriate adjustments before billing is processed. These tools allow adjustments to billing while maintaining job costs and a complete audit trail of transactions.
  • Easily transfer job time across companies and hard costs across offices.

Effortless Billing

  • Backing documentation can be included with one click.
  • Invoicing is as flexible as you can imagine with our standard and custom invoice options. Provide custom formats without re-typing or manipulating them manually. View draft invoices first, then automatically email them in PDF format. Optionally include invoice backup documents in a ZIP file with your email of the invoice.
  • Managing sales tax is a breeze with our built-in tax hierarchy and our integration with Avalara’s AvaTax program.
  • Advance billing includes multiple income-recognition and -reconciliation options to completely automate that process and give complete control over the results. Job forecasts play a role in helping you determine percent complete and your monthly reconciliation amount.
  • You have options with billing. Media is advance-billed by default but may be post-billed as an alternative.
  • Media accrual and reconciliation is automatic. You’ll be able to provide your clients with information about media purchases compared to actual with variances.
  • You can coop bill and split invoices across different clients, divisions and products automatically.
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