New Ad Agency Software Features Personalized Desktop Designs

New Ad Agency Software Features Personalized Desktop Designs

“Our new Advantage and Webvantage blue agency software products allow our users to personalize the design of an individual’s workspace,” announced Ellen Coulter, president of The Advantage Software Company.  “Some of our more popular creative workspace designs include the new Silver and Metro workspace themes.  Users really enjoy the flexibility to personalize their desktop workspaces inside the software!”



The new menu and navigation inside Advantage and Webvantage blue bring agency users a new and improved consistency and usability, with menu structure the same in both the web-based Webvantage and the server-based Advantage blue software.

“Personalization was a key component we introduced with the launch of blue,” adds Coulter.  “For example, each agency user has the ability to upload their photo and add a nickname to either version of our blue software, and this is important for our users because they are used to personalizing each of their social media profiles to make a more personal user experience.”

Other new menu and navigation enhancements include:

  • The ability to open unlimited modules from the main menu or a user’s “favorites” list
  • “Find”, “New” and “Windows” options provide added window and record control
  • Users can check the main menu for instant information and updates on weather, alerts, date, time, database and other important information
  • Window controls like tile, cascade, minimize, and close all
  • Searching for multiple records can be performed without leaving the search window
  • A scrolling toolbar feature actually scrolls with users on long pages

“We have been a close agency ally and trusted business partner for more than thirty years,” says Coulter.  “Creating unique and user-focused software for our advertising agency, public relations, creative and marketing agency and business clients is one of our company and product hallmarks.”



Other user enhancements with Advantage and Webvantage blue agency software include an Advantage/Outlook add-in for syncing appointments between Outlook and the Webvantage Calendar, in addition to the existing two-way integration with Google Calendar.

“Advantage blue and Webvantage blue connect people,” says Coulter.    “Because connecting people has the power to ignite unity, we use   technology and the understanding of human interaction to help companies   connect their people in a substantial, long term, productive   relationship.”

The Advantage Software team provides full-service implementation, training, customer support and software customization services to help clients implement and transition to Webvantage blue and Advantage blue.   For more information on Webvantage blue and Advantage blue, please contact The Advantage Software Company at 1-800-841-2078 or visit our blue website at