Agency Accounting Software Year-end Closing

Agency Accounting Software Year-end Closing

Year-end is here!  Advantage provides tips and tools for quickly and easily closing the accounting year along with information on what reports to analyze and what tools are available for looking back and preparing for the future.

Advantage’s robust accounting and finance applications are especially designed for agencies and marketing firms and are fully integrated with media and project management features! If you’re not using Advantage or want to learn even more about how you can benefit from the tools available, visit our users portal at for more information!

Contact our Client Relations Director Brian Hess today at or 800-841-2078 if you would like to discuss maximizing your use of the Advantage system.

Advantage blue general release on Friday, February 3, 2012!

Advantage blue transforms the electronic workspace and provides advanced features based on the feedback of 600 agencies of all types!  This new version includes new, enhanced and re-written versions of popular programs using new technologies, all based on your requests.  The new product design allows for more fluid and flexible workspaces along with more information placed at your fingertips.  The Advantage “blue” campaign is derived from the vibrant colors found on the new Desktops and represents the visual and flowing approach to the delivery of information.

For more information about Advantage blue, including a personalized tour of blue, please call Brian Hess at Contact our Client Relations Director Brian Hess today at or 800-841-2078.