Advantage announces the release of the all new Client Portal!

Advantage announces the release of the all new Client Portal!

The Webvantage blue Client Portal allows you to communicate and collaborate with your clients on topics and documents of any type through a web browser.  Information on production projects and media schedules can be shared instantly – no uploading necessary!

Communicate on work-in-process, create new work requests, and revise existing requests.   A complete history of comments, requests, and decisions made is stored permanently with every project.

Electronically deliver documents such as invoices and estimates to your clients, making life simple and easy for your clients, while saving you time and money.

Brand the Client Portal to go along with your agency’s own theme, or theirs.   You have complete control over the look & feel of the portal!

Security settings allow you to post and collaborate on only the information you want to share.

Identifying Client Portal Users is easy using Client Contacts already established in Advantage.

Applications available through the client portal include:

  •     Alerts
  •     Calendar
  •     Media Calendar
  •     Job Jacket – alerts, documents, creative brief, specifications, job forms, and the project schedule.

Reports available through The Client Portal include:

  •     My Task List
  •     Open Job
  •     Project Summary
  •     Traffic By Day Traffic By Task

Workspace Objects available through the Client Portal include:

  •     Alerts
  •     Project Viewpoint
  •     My Projects
  •     My Tasks
  •     Project Statistics